My sister has never been the type to plan much of anything, but throwing a wedding together at the last minute stunned all of us. She wanted to just tie the knot without any family or friends, but my parents talked her into a wedding. What they could not talk her into was delaying long enough to plan a proper wedding, so the whole family worked to put it together as a gift.

While our mother took both of my sisters shopping for a wedding dress and bridesmaids outfit, I dragged my dad and younger brother off to be fitted for tuxes. That done, we stopped at the local bakery to order a cake. Wedding invitations were by phone and email, and it was my job to keep track of responses. My parents insisted the wedding be held at the house because we had plenty of inside room in case it rained on the wedding day.

My mother, never one to shirk any task, managed to order the flowers and bouquets online as the girls tried on dresses. She made arrangements for them to be delivered on the day of the wedding, and she did the same for chairs and tables. Catering was a sticking point on such short notice, so I called a few cousins who love to cook and bake. They came over that afternoon and began a major effort to ensure there would be a proper wedding feast for all. They even created a beautiful wedding cake for the bride and groom to cut.

When all was said and done, we had managed to put a complete wedding together in just under a week. My father proudly walked my sister down the aisle we had created in the backyard, and her groom was all smiles as he saw her. Everything, including the weather, was perfect that day.